Having a child changes your life.

It all started when my son was born. Until then, I had never worried much about food or healthy living, but now it was not just about me. I found myself in the need of having to learn to take care of the baby and do everything possible to make it grow strong and healthy.

Not knowing something opens up an interesting and motivating opportunity: you can learn!

How did my new path start? I started with the documentation and focused on finding information about vitamins, proteins, the famous omega-3, etc. Here appeared my first important discovery, our diet is insufficient in various nutrients, due to the demineralization of cultivated soils, the habit of eating tomatoes (or any other fruit) all year round, or the degradation of natural collagen from the 35 years old.

When you become aware you have to do something.

There is no use discovering something if you continue with the same habits and customs as before. As people consistent with my discovery, in my family we started taking supplements of various brands, but we did not find anything that convinced us 100%. It was clear that everything we tried could be improved, and so our great adventure began: we decided to make them ourselves!

Our family had been working for many years in the distribution of traditional cosmetic products, so we already had an important commercial structure in Spain to offer new products. When we discovered that we are a complex and connected group, it was clear to us that we cannot treat human beings only from the superficial layer. To achieve a process of change for healthy and beauty improvement, we had to start from the inside, although without forgetting that everything manifests itself on the outside, where we must also act.

The key is inside

This is how Nutribelwas born, and in the last two years we have established ourselves as the best nutricosmetic brand in Spain. Our goal for the new decade is to establish ourselves as the first brand of nutrition on the web in Spain and enter the European markets.

Nutribel only includes top quality natural ingredients and we compete in the market with the best prices. So you can also take advantage of all the benefits that our family and friends already enjoy.

Play sports, eat in a healthy way, and include in your diet the nutrients that Nutribel provides you and that your body lacks.

Trust us, we will not disappoint you. You will check the results in a short time

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