Don’t let menopause stop your pace of life


The average age of a woman who is having her last period is 51.4 years old. It is the transition phase between the reproductive and non-reproductive stages of women.

This process begins several years before the last period, when the cycle begins to be less regular. The decrease in the levels of hormones, estrogen and progesterone, causes changes in menstruation. These hormones are important for keeping the vagina and uterus in good health, as well as for normal menstrual cycles and for a successful pregnancy. Estrogen also helps bone health and maintain a good level of blood cholesterol in women.

Bel-Armonia is a specific treatment to alleviate the disorders caused during menopause.

Since pre-menopause, the level of estrogen and progesterone should be balanced, and for this, a type of plants that have the same chemical structure as the hormones that have just been lost (bioidentical hormones) are used. These are ferments of plants synthesized in the laboratory with cutting-edge biotechnology and provide a satisfactory result and no rejection.

Bel-Armonia uses one of those plants known as Dong Quai or Angelica Sinensis.

It also contains the following ingredients:

  • Rhodiola Rosea: belongs to a class of herbs called adaptogens, that are unique in their ability to increase the resistance of the body without interrupting their normal functions, so that the individual adapts better to changes.
  • Epigallocatechin Gallate (Green Tea): a very powerful antioxidant.
  • Andean Maca: provides strength, vitality, energy, etc. and other improvements in the sexual and cerebral functions
  • Arginine: among its many properties is anti-cancer, and also a nitric oxide propellant, which also improves sexual and cerebral functions
  • Magnesium: essential for good mental health and hormonal balance.


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