PACK – Collagen Bel + Quema Bel + Bel Omega + electric milk frother

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  • Collagen Bel contains marine hydrolyzed collagen, very effective with bones, joints, hair, nails, etc. It comes in a 500 gram bottle with a measuring scoop. The daily dose is 3 scoops in a little water or milk, etc. preferably on an empty stomach.
  • Quema Bel is a fat burner, with 14 ingredients that combined with a healthy diet and physical exercise will help you burn the excess fat. It comes in a box of 60 tablets. The daily dose is 2 pills, preferably after breakfast and snack or before starting the exercises.
  • Bel Omega is omega 3, which helps reduce cholesterol levels, It comes in a 90-pearl bottle. The daily dose is 3 pearls, 1 at each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

It has for 1 month of consumption

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